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Biometric: Easy Access Control & Data Protection

The best Biometrics feature to create a seamless, secure, and efficient place for both members and staff.

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Best Biometric Device for Your Studio

We recommend three of the best biometric devices for your studio. With this device installed, you can have complete control over who is accessing your fitness center.

Model Capacity Connectivity Approx Market Price
ESSL K30 2000 FP + RFID Ethernet ~ ₹6000
ESSL F22 3000 FP + RFID Ethernet / WiFi ~ ₹8000
ESSL X990 10000 FP + RFID Ethernet / Wifi ~ ₹11000


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Benefits of Biometric Devices for Studios

Get to know the benefits of biometric devices and start integrating them into your studio right today!

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Biometrics prevent unauthorized access by relying on unique identifiers instead of easily replicated cards or codes. This protects equipment and intellectual property and creates a safer environment for clients and staff.

Streamlined Entry & Exit

Streamlined Entry & Exit

FitGymSoftware®'s Biometric features allow quick and effortless entry and exit, reducing wait times and improving the studio experience. Also, one of the exciting parts is that biometric capacity only applies to active members.

24/7 Access Control

24/7 Access Control

Enable flexible access based on individual needs. Grant access during specific hours for staff, or offer 24/7 access to dedicated members with our biometric system.

Prevent Tailgating

Prevent Tailgating

Biometric features ensure that only authorized individuals enter restricted areas, eliminating the risk of unauthorized access and piggybacking on someone else's entry.

Accurate Attendance Tracking

Accurate Attendance Tracking

FitGymSoftware® allows you to generate real-time attendance reports to track staff hours, monitor studio usage, and optimize resource allocation.

Simplified Staff Management

Simplified Staff Management

FitGymSoftware® automates staff attendance tracking for accurate payroll calculations and simplifies staff management.

Multiple Biometric Options

Multiple Biometric Options

You can easily manage even if biometrics are set up in different buildings. Our FitGymSoftware® allows you to track and sync multiple biometrics from a single dashboard.

Automated Access Management

Automated Access Management

FitGymSoftware® helps you block access for individuals with outstanding fees or expired access. You can also automatically reactivate access upon plan renewal for a seamless user experience.


Biometric features are the future of studio security and access control. Get a live demo to know more about the biometric feature!

Advanced Features for a Complete Solution

Some of the advanced features to enhance your studio’s efficiency!

Dedicated Check-In & Check-Out Devices (F12 or Similar)

Equip your gym with dedicated biometric terminals like F12 devices for faster and more convenient member entry/exit. This reduces congestion at the entrance and improves the overall member experience.

Time-Based Access Control

Offer tailored access based on specific hours or days for different membership plans. This allows you to cater to various needs and manage peak hours effectively.

Session-Based Punching for a Holistic View

With our gym attendance software, you can track workout durations to get a more comprehensive picture of member activity. This data can be used to personalize workout programs and offer targeted guidance to members.

RFID Integration

For broader member preference, an alternative access method with RFID cards or tags is offered. This caters to members who prefer something other than biometrics or simply want a backup option.

Explore our FAQ section for details - FAQ’s

Software questions, answered

Mostly all types of access control systems are possible. But, we recommend consulting with a biometric vendor to determine the most suitable option for your requirements.

Biometric access control works with doors that have electromagnetic locks, which are commonly used with biometric access control systems. However, other options, like turnstiles and flat barriers, are also compatible.

If a biometric reader fails, high-level security is maintained. The electromagnetic lock automatically releases in case of power failure, preventing people from getting trapped inside the studio.

While you can purchase the device online, you should also consider buying from a local vendor for better after-sales service. Installation by a qualified professional is highly recommended.

You can easily connect your biometric attendance management system with FitGymSoftware® just with an IP address.

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