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Engage Your Members With WhatsApp Web Feature

Powerful WhatsApp Web integration allows you to send various messages, keeping your members informed and connected.



Get started with WhatsApp Web integration and change how you communicate with your studio members.

Effortless Automation to Increase Client Engagement

Free yourself from repetitive communication tasks! FitGymSoftware® automates a variety of notifications sent directly to your members' phones through WhatsApp Web.

Payment Confirmation Messages

Avoid confusion and provide instant peace of mind with automatic payment confirmations delivered directly to your client's phone after transactions.

Send Invoices

Send detailed and easy-to-understand invoices directly through WhatsApp Web. Include all relevant information and a payment link for added convenience.

Membership Expiry Alerts

Automatically notify members before their memberships expire, prompting them to renew and avoid disruptions in their fitness journey.

Normal Messages

Through WhatsApp web, you can share studio updates, class schedules, motivational quotes, and announcements directly with your members' phones.

Promotional Messages

Create excitement with special offers, discounts, and promotions in their inboxes.

Customizable Content

Craft unique messages that resonate with your members. Tailor the content to reflect your studio's brand voice and personality.

Multimedia Messaging

Enhance communication and engagement by incorporating multimedia elements. Send images or videos to showcase upcoming events, highlight member achievements, or share workout tips.

Pre-payment Due Reminders

Send gentle reminders a few days before a payment is due, encouraging members to settle their balance before it becomes overdue.

Post-payment Due Reminders

If a payment remains outstanding, send polite follow-up reminders to help members settle their balance promptly.

Two-Way Communication

Respond to member inquiries and offer personalized support directly within WhatsApp Web. Build stronger associations and a sense of community among your clients.

Detailed Communication History

Track all your WhatsApp interactions within FitGymSoftware®. Easily access past conversations to gain valuable insights into member needs and preferences.

Improved Visibility

Ensure your messages reach your members by leveraging WhatsApp Web, a platform they already use and trust.

Benefits of Using WhatsApp Web in FitGymSoftware®

WhatsApp is the communication platform most people use daily. FitGymSoftware® allows you to use this Integration feature at your convenience.

Effortless Communication

Free yourself from time-consuming communication tasks and focus on delivering exceptional gym experiences.

Increased Engagement

Boost member engagement with interactive and personalized messages that capture their attention.

Improved Visibility & Reach

Reach your members directly on their phones, ensuring important messages are seen and acted upon.

Enhanced Member Relationships

Build stronger relationships with two-way communication and personalized support through WhatsApp Web.

Reduced Costs

Eliminate the usage of expensive and time-consuming traditional communication methods.


WhatsApp Web to keep your members informed, engaged, and coming back for more

Explore our FAQ section for details - FAQ’s

Software questions, answered

Yes, a WhatsApp Business account is required to use WhatsApp Web integration with FitGymSoftware®.

You can sign up for a Business WhatsApp account directly through WhatsApp or through a Business Solution Provider (BSP).

FitGymSoftware® allows you to send various messages, including regular messages, promotional messages, automated notifications (payment confirmations, invoices, expiry alerts), payment reminders, and even festive greetings.

Yes, you can customize the message templates. FitGymSoftware® provides a library of customizable message templates that you can tailor to fit your gym's unique voice and branding.

WhatsApp Web integration offers numerous benefits, including increased convenience, improved communication, enhanced member engagement, reduced costs, and a more modern brand image.

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