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Finance Management:
Grow your Revenue by 2x

FitGymSoftware®'s Finance Management takes control of your studio's financial health through advanced features designed for simplicity and efficiency. Ensure your studio's finances are accurate, up-to-date, and perfectly managed. Get better financial health for better business growth!

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Start optimizing your studio's finances today with FitGymSoftware®'s Finance Management feature. Contact us to learn more, or sign up for a free demo!

Finance Management: A perfect studio starts with perfect finances!

Achieve perfect finances with easy billing, invoicing, automation, and effective tax compliance. Have a look below to learn more about the features FitGymSoftware® offers!

Invoice Generation & GST Management

Invoice Generation & GST Management

  • - Generate daily or monthly invoices in just a few simple clicks.

  • - Generate invoices with GST (IGST, CGST & SGST) or non-GST options to comply with Indian tax regulations or VAT for international transactions.

Boost Efficiency with Powerful Automation

Boost Efficiency with Powerful Automation

  • - Never chase payments again! Send automated notifications via email or WhatsApp to remind members about upcoming dues and encourage timely payments.

  • - Offer members various convenient payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets.

Expense Management

Expense Management

  • - Add bills with supporting documents for effortless expense tracking.

  • - Gain real-time insights into your gym's profitability by automatically calculating income and expenses.

Simplify Payroll Management

Simplify Payroll Management

  • - Manage staff salaries, deductions, and pay slips directly within FitGymSoftware®, saving time and simplifying payroll processes.

  • - Automatically calculate wages based on set parameters, including hours worked and trainer's commissions.

Get Valuable Insights with Detailed Reports

Track Your Progress: Understand your studio's financial health clearly!

Reports Benefits
Day-to-Day & Month-Wise Collections Identify income trends and optimize resource allocation.
Member Demographics Analyze income based on member gender and membership type to customize marketing strategies.
Yearly & Quarterly Collections Monitor revenue patterns across different periods.
Staff Performance Evaluate and incentivize staff collection efforts. Trainer Commission Reports Track and manage trainer commissions effectively with detailed reports.
Pending Balances Proactively identify members with outstanding dues and implement collection strategies.
Automated Reporting Receive monthly and weekly reports automatically, saving you valuable time on manual data analysis.


Explore detailed financial reports to optimize your business strategy. Get a live demo from our experienced customer support team!

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Software questions, answered

In the Finance Management dashboard, click on 'Today Invoices.' You can search for the ID/name, select the transaction date, choose the payment mode and tax, select which staff collected the payment, and finally, click on generate.

FitGymSoftware® supports GST for India (including IGST, CGST, and SGST) and VAT for international transactions, with rates adjustable based on current laws.

Yes, FitGymSoftware® can automatically send reminders to clients for any pending payments. This feature can be configured to send notifications via email or automated WhatsApp messages.

Our payroll system can handle various types of compensation structures, including hourly rates, fixed salaries, and performance-based commissions, all configurable within the system.

You can generate various reports, including daily collection reports, profit and loss statements, trainer commission reports, and annual financial summaries.

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