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Engage & Retain Members with WhatsApp Business Integration

FitGymSoftware® simplifies how you interact with your clients and takes your entire communication strategy to new heights. Enjoy the future of studio communication today!



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Automate Everything: Free yourself from complex tasks! 

FitGymSoftware® automatically sends notifications directly to your members' WhatsApp accounts, keeping them informed without manual effort.

Automated Notifications and Alerts

Appointment Reminders

Ensure members never miss a session again with automated appointment reminders.


Payment Receipts

Provide instant confirmation and avoid confusion with automatic payment receipts delivered to your client's phones.


Class Updates

Keep members informed about schedule changes, cancellations, or new class offerings with automated updates.

Messages on Social Media

Promotional Messages

Boost enrollment and excitement for upcoming events with automated promotional messages that instantly reach your entire member base.

Member list

Easily Access Past Conversations

Review past conversations to gain valuable insights into member needs and preferences. Use past interactions to tailor your communication and provide a more personalized member experience.

Two-Way Communication: Meet your members where they are! 

WhatsApp is the communication platform most people use daily. FitGymSoftware® allows you to use this Integration feature at your convenience.

Respond to Inquiries

Provide prompt and personalized support by quickly responding to member questions and inquiries directly within WhatsApp.

Offer Personalized Support

Go beyond generic messages and tailor your communication to individual needs. This will foster stronger relationships and a sense of community.

Build Loyalty

Regular two-way communication shows your commitment to member satisfaction and helps build lasting loyalty.


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Reach Your Clients Instantly and Build Engagement:

Need to get a message out to your entire member base quickly? No problem! FitGymSoftware®'s bulk messaging feature has your back.

Send Important Updates: 

Instantly send crucial information, like studio closure notices or safety updates, to all members simultaneously.

Create Excitement: 

Create excitement for upcoming events, promotions, or new class offerings with engaging bulk messages that can reach everyone.

Boost Motivation: 

Keep members on track with inspirational messages, workout tips, or healthy diet suggestions sent directly to their phones.

How do you integrate your Business WhatsApp account with FitgymSoftware®?

Getting started is easier than ever! Follow the below steps to begin with the integration:

Step 1: Create a WhatsApp Business API Account

You'll need to create a WhatsApp Business API account. You can do this by partnering with a Business Solution Provider (BSP) like Jio Interakt. These BSPs act as intermediaries between your business and WhatsApp.

Step 2: Set Up Your Jio Interakt Account 

Once you've chosen Jio Interakt (or another reputable BSP), could you create an account with them? Jio Interakt will guide you through their specific setup process.

Step 3: Connect Jio Interakt with FitGymSoftware®

The final step is to connect your Jio Interakt account with FitGymSoftware®. Our software makes this process incredibly easy. With just a few clicks, you can use the power of WhatsApp integration within FitGymSoftware®.

Send Appealing Images and Engaging Video through WhatsApp!

Go beyond text-based communication and start sending images/videos to your clients.

Showcase Upcoming Events

Share eye-catching images or promotional videos to create excitement for upcoming events, workshops, or challenges.

Highlight Success Stories

Motivate members by sharing photos or testimonials showcasing member achievements and transformations.

Share Workout Tips

Give members engaging video demonstrations or photo guides for exercises or workout routines.


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Explore our FAQ section for details - FAQ’s

Software questions, answered

You must have a WhatsApp Business API account and a Jio Interakt account. After setting these up, you can easily link them to your FitGymSoftware®.

Sending messages via WhatsApp Business API might incur costs based on Jio Interakt's pricing model. However, obtaining the Green Tick from WhatsApp is free of charge.

Use multimedia options like images and videos to make your communications engaging. Also, make use of custom templates to maintain consistency.

Yes, through the FitGymSoftware®, you can track message delivery and read receipts, assess engagement rates, and analyze the effectiveness of different message types.

Comprehensive support is provided through both Jio Interakt for WhatsApp-related queries and FitGymSoftware® for software integration challenges.

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