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Lead Management:
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A perfect solution that allows your studio to manage leads more effectively, engage potential customers, and seamlessly convert inquiries into active members.

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FitGymSoftware®: Lead Management Features

Improve your business workflow and boost your conversion rates through the innovative features of FitGymSoftware®.

Automated Notifications and Alerts

Automated Notifications and Alerts

Stay on top of every inquiry with real-time notifications. Our software alerts your staff immediately when new leads come in, ensuring that every potential customer receives prompt attention.

Direct Social Media Integration

Direct Social Media Integration

Effortlessly generate QR codes that link directly to your lead management system. Share these on social media to capture leads directly from social media platforms, connecting the gap between online engagement and real-world memberships.

Inquiry Handling

Inquiry Handling

Our software captures all client inquiries from social media, QR codes, or direct entries. Manage and respond to these inquiries efficiently to keep potential clients engaged and interested.

Streamlined Communication, Follow-Ups & Monitor Staff Performance

Improve your studio's engagement strategies with FitGymSoftware®'s automated communication tools and monitor staff performance.

Automated Follow-Up System

Our software automatically schedules and sends follow-up reminders, ensuring your team follows up with every lead at the right time.

Bulk Communication Tools

Use our bulk SMS and WhatsApp features to send personalized messages to your leads, keeping them engaged with updates and offers, especially during festive seasons.

Customizable Lead Management

Customize the software to your studio's specific needs. You can customize categories, follow-up types, sources, and statuses (e.g., hot, cold) and add optional custom fields to capture unique information about each lead.

Performance Analytics

Track and measure each staff member's performance with detailed analytics on how many leads they convert. Use this data to recognize high performers and identify opportunities for training or improvement.


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Software questions, answered

FitGymSoftware® provides real-time notifications to staff members via the mobile app whenever a new lead is generated. This ensures your team can respond promptly to potential clients and efficiently manage inquiries.

Yes, with FitGymSoftware®, you can generate a QR code that can be posted on social media. When potential clients scan the QR code, they are directly added as leads in your system, enabling you to capture leads effortlessly from your social media outreach.

The software allows you to customize each lead's categories, follow-up types, sources, and statuses (like hot and cold). You can also add custom fields if needed, providing a tailored approach to managing and tracking all inquiries effectively.

FitGymSoftware® automates the follow-up process by sending alerts for scheduled follow-ups through the mobile app. Additionally, it supports bulk SMS and WhatsApp messaging, even on festive days, to keep potential clients engaged.

Yes, FitGymSoftware® includes features that allow you to track how many leads each staff member generates. This data helps evaluate staff performance and can be crucial for identifying high performers and areas needing improvement within your team.

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