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Transform the way you manage your studio with the FitGymSoftware® mobile app. It is the ultimate software designed to manage every aspect of your studio directly from your smartphone.

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Download the FitGymSoftware® app and start transforming your studio management today.

FitGymSoftware: Mobile-App Features

The Mobile App ensures you have the flexibility to manage your business efficiently from anywhere. Let's look at more exciting features of the mobile app!

Complete Studio Management

Operate your entire studio business through our mobile app. From adding members to tracking daily operations, everything you need is at your fingertips. You have complete control over your studio operations, all within a user-friendly mobile interface.

Customizable User Permissions

Control access to the app based on staff roles and responsibilities. Easily decide who can use the mobile app, ensuring the information remains secure and functionalities are used appropriately.

Direct Communication:

Connect directly with clients using mobile app calling or messaging features. Tap the calling symbol to start a voice conversation, or use the WhatsApp icon to send a message directly through the app.

Efficient Messaging System

Use pre-defined SMS and WhatsApp templates to send payment notifications, reminders, or marketing messages quickly and consistently, enhancing member engagement without additional effort.

Attendance Tracking

Our mobile app allows you to monitor and analyze member attendance with just a few taps. Its attendance tracking feature ensures you're always informed about your members' and staff's engagement.

Detailed Reporting

Access detailed reports on your studio's operations, such as revenue, member retention rates, and workout trends. These insights are crucial for making informed decisions and strategizing future growth.

Reduce Overhead Expenses

Our mobile app drastically reduces the dependency on desktop systems, allowing you to save on hardware costs and reduce your overall IT expenditures.

Regular Software Updates

Our mobile app is continuously updated to ensure you have access to the latest features and security enhancements. These updates are automatic and designed to keep your system running smoothly without any disruptions.

Benefits of the FitGymSoftware® Mobile App

FitGymSoftware®'s mobile app is incredible software for modern studio management. It allows you to operate more efficiently and engage with members.

Manage Studio Operations

Manage your studio on the go with features for member registrations, attendance tracking, and financial reporting—all from your mobile device.

Enhanced Member Engagement

Use instant calling and messaging via WhatsApp for immediate, effective communication with members, boosting satisfaction and retention.

Cost Efficiency

Minimize the need for extensive hardware and multiple software systems, significantly reducing overhead costs.

Informed Decisions

Your mobile app allows you to access detailed reports instantly, allowing you to make quick, data-driven decisions about your studio's operations and strategies.

Secure and Controlled Access

Customize user permissions within the app to ensure data security and efficient management, allowing staff appropriate access based on their roles.


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Software questions, answered

The FitGymSoftware® Mobile App is available for Android and iOS devices, ensuring broad compatibility and access.

Our mobile app allows you to manage your entire studio operations, including member registrations, attendance tracking, financial reporting, and direct client communication.

The app features direct calling and messaging capabilities, including integration with WhatsApp. It allows you to contact members directly from their profiles in the app for immediate communication.

Yes, the app allows you to customize who can access different features based on their role, ensuring that sensitive information is protected and functionalities are used correctly.

The app provides detailed reports on your studio's operation, such as financial performance, member attendance, and retention rates, enabling you to make informed decisions wherever you are.

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