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Staff Management: Payroll & Trainer Commission

Managing your staff activities effectively is essential for the smooth operation of your studio. Track attendance, manage payroll, and monitor staff performance with ease. Provide trainers with performance-based commissions to ensure productivity for a more efficient studio.

Track and improve your staff's performance with our robust monitoring tools. Join us now and take the first step toward building a high-performing team.

Features of Staff Management to Boost Efficiency

From attendance tracking to payroll management, our FitGymSoftware® focuses on delivering exceptional experiences to your members.

Access Control

To maintain data security and confidentiality, only a select few staff members (like trainers or managers) will have access to sensitive information.

Permissions Configuration

With over 200 permissions available, you can configure and customize access for each staff member according to their specific roles and responsibilities.

Attendance Tracking

Monitoring and tracking staff attendance is easy. Attendance tracking ensures punctuality and quality of work and helps maintain a disciplined and efficient workforce.

Payroll Options

Manage payroll options efficiently, including generating and processing salary slips. Reduce administrative burden and ensure timely salary disbursement.

Performance Monitoring

Evaluate staff performance through key metrics such as the number of clients converted and other performance indicators.

Membership History for Staff

Maintain a detailed report of each staff member's membership history, including deleted memberships.

Document Attachments

Easily attach and manage KYC documents and personal data for staff members. Maintain proper documentation for compliance and administrative purposes.

Login Access Management

Manage login access for staff members efficiently, including the ability to add or delete access as necessary. This flexibility ensures that only authorized personnel have access to critical systems.

Mobile App Usage

Staff can use mobile apps to conveniently access their responsibilities and tasks. This enhances efficiency and flexibility, enabling staff to manage their roles effectively, even on the go.

Trainer Commission: Incentives for Greater Performance

Offering trainer commissions is a common practice in the fitness industry to motivate trainers and align their efforts with the gym's success. Let's examine how trainer commissions work!

Membership Sales Commission

Trainers earn a commission for each new Membership they sell. For instance, if Trainer A signs up a new member for a quarterly membership plan worth $200, they may earn a commission of 10%, amounting to $20.

Personal Training Sessions

Trainers also earn a commission for each personal training session they conduct. Suppose Trainer B conducts a one-hour personal training session with a client, and the session fee is $50. Trainer B may receive a commission of 70%, totaling $35.

Group Training Classes:

Trainers can receive a commission for leading group training classes. If Trainer C conducts a group fitness class with 10 participants, each paying $15 per session, and Trainer CC's commission rate is 50%, they would earn $75.

Performance Bonuses

FitWell Gym offers performance bonuses to trainers who consistently meet or exceed targets. For instance, if Trainer D achieves certain client sign-ups or maintains high client retention rates, they may receive a bonus equivalent to a percentage of their total earnings for that period.

Enhance efficiency and accountability with our staff management software! Get started now and see how easy managing your team can be!

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Software questions, answered

Trainers receive alerts for their assigned sessions directly through notifications. Additionally, they can view all their assigned sessions and details on their dashboard for easy access and management.

Trainer commissions are typically calculated based on factors such as membership sales, personal training sessions conducted, and group training classes led. The specific commission rates may vary depending on performance and targets achieved.

Our Staff Management software monitors performance metrics, including attendance, client conversions, and session quality. You can view real-time data on their dashboard, helping them understand their strengths and areas for improvement.

Yes, the software efficiently manages payroll, including salary calculations, deductions, and generating detailed salary slips. This feature ensures accurate and timely payments, reducing administrative workload.

Trainer commissions are automatically calculated based on predefined criteria such as membership sales, personal training sessions, and group classes conducted.

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