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Boost Member Engagement with Customizable SMS Alerts

Customize text messages with the SMS Alert feature, ensuring personalized and effective communication that keeps your members informed and connected with your studio.

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Keep your members engaged with real-time SMS alerts. Sign up now and enhance your member experience.

SMS Alert Features to Build Customer Engagement

FitGymSoftware® effectively meets all your SMS alert needs, ensuring you stay connected with your members daily.

Membership Expiry Notifications

Set up automatic alerts when a member's subscription is about to expire. This will encourage timely renewals and reduce membership churn.

Bulk SMS Capabilities

Manually send bulk SMS for promotional campaigns, festive greetings, or lead follow-ups, reaching up to 100,000 members at a time.

SMS Delivery Tracking

Check the status of your messages with delivery reports, confirming whether messages were delivered or undelivered.

Payment Alerts

Send instant notifications to members when a payment is processed, ensuring they are informed immediately.

Support for Text SMS

Our system supports sending text SMS, making communicating with your members directly on their mobile devices easy.

Configurable Alerts

Customize alerts for events such as payments, membership expirations, and other essential updates. This flexibility ensures that your members receive relevant information promptly.

Activity Alerts

Notify members of activities such as new membership additions, keeping them engaged and up-to-date.

Daily Summary Alerts

Customize the timing of daily summary messages to provide members with a concise overview of their activities and any critical updates.

Delivery Tracking

Monitor the status of your messages with detailed delivery reports, ensuring you can track which messages were delivered or undelivered.

Are You Looking To Customize Your SMS and Create a Branding?

To create your branding, you must register on a DLT platform. Follow the below steps to understand how it works!


Register on the DLT Platform

Start by signing up and registering on the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) platform. This is a mandatory step to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.


Create a Sender ID

Create your unique sender ID for all SMS communications. This helps in branding and ensures that your studio members recognize your messages.


Customize Your Messages

Customize your message templates to align with your specific requirements and brand identity. You can customize alerts for various events, such as payments, membership renewals, and promotional offers.


Integrate with FitGymSoftware®

Easily integrate the DLT platform with FitGymSoftware® to manage your SMS alerts efficiently. This integration allows for automated and real-time messaging, streamlining your communication process.

DLT Registration Costs

Be aware of the costs associated with registering on the DLT platform. When setting up SMS alerts, it is essential to investigate this into your budget.

DLT Account Activation

Ensure that your DLT account is active and all necessary information has been provided to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). This step is crucial for compliance and smooth operation of your SMS alerts.

SMS Credits Purchase

SMS credits must be purchased from FitGymSoftware®. This allows you to send messages to your members as needed, and keeping track of your SMS credit balance is essential.


Wank to know more about the SMS Alert features? Contact our customer support team to get a live demo.

Explore our FAQ section for details - FAQ’s

Software questions, answered

Register on the DLT platform, create a sender ID, customize your messages, and integrate with FitGymSoftware®.

Yes, you can fully customize SMS messages, including payment notifications and membership expiry reminders, to match your studio's branding and communication needs.

SMS alerts provide instant notifications, automatic membership reminders, customizable messaging, bulk messaging capabilities, and delivery tracking, enhancing member engagement and operational efficiency.

Yes, registering on the DLT platform costs money. While our support team is available to assist with this process, you must ensure everything is correctly registered.

FitGymSoftware® offers detailed delivery tracking, allowing you to see which messages were delivered and undelivered, ensuring effective communication.

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